Strictly Solar Screens

Strictly Doors and Gates is a trusted manufacturer of solar screens, and custom designs these screens to meet the specific needs of Las Vegas area’s homeowners and businesses. Use of these screen brings down the energy expenses that usually shoots in hot summers of Las Vegas. The glass on doors and windows are responsible for up to 48% of your cooling costs use of solar screen outside blocks 90% of the sun rays preventing these to heat up your glass. Consequently, you will spend less on energy that general goes into keeping the house cool.

Solar Screens

The Solar screens available at Strictly Doors and Gates have been precisely engineering to help you reduce your electricity bills and render long-lasting and consistent functionality. We tailor make solar screens keeping the variations in size, frame and built as per client’s space and particular demands.

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Security Solar Screens

Ward off break-ins and cut down energy bills. Designed innovatively, our SECURITY SOLAR SCREENS safeguard your home and give you enhanced privacy while simultaneously reduce energy consumption on cooling and help you make savings. This iron clad security is both durable and dependable.

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